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  • Active Learning is a Strong Baseline for Data Subset Selection
    D. Park, D. Papailiopoulos, K. Lee
    NeurIPS HITY Workshop 2022
  • A Better Way to Decay: Proximal Gradient Training Algorithms for Neural Nets
    L. Yang, J. Zhang, J. Shenouda, D. Papailiopoulos, K. Lee, and R. Nowak
    Arxiv, 2022
    NeurIPS OPT Workshop, 2022
  • Equal Improvability: A New Fairness Notion Considering the Long-Term Impact
    O. Guldogan, Y. Zeng, J. Sohn, R. Pedarsani, and K. Lee
    Arxiv, 2022
  • Outlier-Robust Group Inference via Gradient Space Clustering
    Y. Zeng, K. Greenewald, K. Lee, J. Solomon, and M. Yurochkin
    Arxiv, 2022