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Lee Lab @ UW Madison


  • (Dec. 2022) Dr. Sohn will join Yonsei University as an assistant professor! Congratulations!
  • (July. 2022) Prof. Lee received UW Madison ECE Grainger Faculty Scholarship Award.
  • (Mar. 2022) Prof. Lee received 2022 KSEA Young Investigator Grants.

Recent talks

  • (2023) Score-based generative modeling secretly minimizes the Wasserstein distance (Information Theory and Data Science Workshop, UW Madison SILO)
  • (2022, 2023) On a bilevel optimization approach to fair classification (USC EE, UCSB CCDC, IOS’22, US-Mexico Workshop on Optimization and its Applications’23)
  • (2021, 2022) Improving Fairness via Federated Learning (UC Berkeley BLISS, KAIST AI International Symposium)
  • (2021) Information Theory and Coding for Trustworthy and Scalable Machine Learning (Seoul National University, POSTECH AI)

Recent preprints

  • Looped Transformers as Programmable Computers
    Angeliki Giannou, Shashank Rajput, Jy-yong Sohn, Kangwook Lee, Jason D. Lee, Dimitris Papailiopoulos
    Arxiv, 2023
  • Active Learning is a Strong Baseline for Data Subset Selection
    D. Park, D. Papailiopoulos, K. Lee
    NeurIPS HITY Workshop, 2022
  • A Better Way to Decay: Proximal Gradient Training Algorithms for Neural Nets
    L. Yang, J. Zhang, J. Shenouda, D. Papailiopoulos, K. Lee, and R. Nowak
    Arxiv, 2022
    NeurIPS OPT Workshop, 2022
  • Outlier-Robust Group Inference via Gradient Space Clustering
    Y. Zeng, K. Greenewald, K. Lee, J. Solomon, and M. Yurochkin
    Arxiv, 2022

Recent publications