Kangwook Lee

Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Email : first_name.last_name at wisc dot edu
Office : M1002G, Engineering Centers Building
Phone : +1-608-265-4841
Webpage : http://kangwooklee.com
Google Scholar : http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=sCEl8r-n5VEC&hl=en


  • (3/2020) Our new work on matrix completion with graph side information is available on Arxiv, ‘‘Discrete-valued Preference Estimation with Graph Side Information’’.

  • (3/2020) Zhixu Du joined the lab! Welcome!

  • (2/2020) Our new work on trustworthy AI is available on Arxiv, ‘‘FR-Train: A mutual information-based approach to fair and robust training’’.

  • (2/2020) Gave an invited talk at the Chaos and Complex Systems Seminar @ UW-Madison.

  • (1/2020) Dr. Daewon Seo joined the lab! Welcome!

  • (1/2020) Gave invited talks at SK T-Brain and Furiosa.ai.

  • (11/2019) Changhun Jo and Hyecheol Jang joined the lab! Welcome!

  • (11/2019) Gave an invited talk at KOCSEA. ‘‘Information Theory and Coding for Machine Learning at Scale’’

  • (10/2019) Jy-yong Sohn (co-hosted with Prof. Dimitris Papailiopoulos) will visit the lab for five months! Welcome!

  • (10/2019) NeurIPS 2019 Workshop on Meta-Learning (MetaLearn 2019), ‘‘Improving Model Robustness via Automatically Incorporating Self-supervision Tasks’’

  • (10/2019) Gave an invited talk at SILO seminar. ‘‘Learning with Scarce Data: The Role of Side Information, Simulators, and GANs’’

  • (08/2019) Joined UW-Madison!